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Message of Président, Didier Cochu :

«Thank you for your interest to Satori by consulting this web site which is dedicated to you. I am particularly proud to manage this French company since his independence towards the Cobham’s group. Commitments managed with our team allowed us to overcome numerous of issues and to sit our reputation based on our three pillars which are quality, service and reactivity. Today, the reputation of Satori knowledge crossed the borders of our country, with opportunities for development mainly oriented in Middle East and Asia.
The enthusiasm, the desire to be successful, the know-how and the reputation which drive us allowed bringing Satori at his international position in this very particular business model which is MRO. »
Didier Cochu, CEO

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In 1998, Satori became a subsidiary Cobham. The strategy of the Cobham Group is to assure a development based on our knowledge and expereience to support civil and military markets. With an extensive background in Aftermarket Aerospace business (OEM and Aircraft Maintenance Center), Didier Cochu driven the company in many particular operations of acquisition to raise Satori as key partner with international OEM’s. After ten years, Satori is an international company, (presence in UAE in 2009) adding new business as trading and manufacturing.

From 2010, due a change of strategy of Cobham, Satori became an independent company through an operation of acquisition by three members of the actual staff, associated with an investor.

In 2012, Mr Didier Portail joins Satori as Operating Director. The mission is to develop the industrial business while participating in the strategy of the company. « We have to listen and help our customers and partners and to strengthen alliances with the Aircraft manufacturers and OEM’s so that all can take advantage of our knowledge. We also have to find innovation in the service by creating new business models »

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SATORI at a glance

With more than 40 years of experience in the MRO and the Aerospace support, Satori built solid agreements with the biggest actors, as well as Airlines, Airframers and OEM’s.

  • Sales Repair :

  • France 57%

  • Export 43%

  • Sales Repair Distribution :

  • Civil 70%

  • Military 30%

  • Sales Repair Distribution by Platform :

  • Commercial 40%

  • Regional/Corporate 10%

  • Helico 10%

  • Military Aircraft 40%