Engineering Department

The Engineering Department of SATORI is working in coordination with all “support” functions to reply to all request coming from all type of customers : external and internal

1. Missions

The staffs of Engineering Department are able to work at each step of our manufacturing and repair process.

a. Design :

Our technicians and Engineers define the product to be realized by using specific software.

b. Test :

Test performed to make sure the part is running in accordance with the technical specifications of the product to be manufactured or to be repaired.

c. Industrialization:

The team is able to define and realize specific tools and dedicated technical publications for the workshop so that the production is performed in the best conditions of costs, quality and lead time.

d. Manufacturing and Maintenance :

Engineering Department supplies all necessary technical documentation to technicians in charge of repairing and parts manufacturing.

e. Support :

Technicians and Engineers are able to facilitate and support internal functions of SATORI :

  • - Customer Support and Sales
  • - Logistics Department
  • - Quality Department
  • - Purchasing Department

2. Obsolescences

SATORI is aware of the increasing need of customers and partners to solve obsolescence issues for which OEM’s do not cover any more.

The challenge:

OEM must supply parts as long as five aircrafts are in service other the world to be in accordance with regulations in place. The challenge consists to make sure the products do not become obsolete while keeping their origin performance by applying the maintenance accordingly.

Our commitments:

Continuously maintain the product operational in terms of operation and support.

3. Quality

SATORI is strongly engaged in a solid cooperation with a network of partners approved DER / DOA Part 21 J which are dedicated to validate our repair solutions. This approach allows to SATORI to be in a continuous improvement and innovation process.