Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

International Center of Skills for equipment maintenance dedicated to civil and military aviation

Our workshops are dedicated to maintain the excellence of our know-how whatever the origin of components, by maintaining the economic stakes which affect our sector (TAT and Costs reduction oriented).
Through our solutions, our customers become partners with extensive investment allows us to manage both old and new technologies.
We finally offer an extensive range of services including repair, overhaul, modification, standard exchange and loans. These services are further supported by OEM and our in-house engineering team with the full support of our Supply Chain.

If you have any questions or comments about our workshops, please feel free to search reference in our capability list or contact us

Radar Workshop Civil and Military :

Dedicated to maintain all types of generations, the flexibility of our radar workshop is adapted to all the configurations.

Capability Includes :

Radar-Recherche, Météorologie, DME, Antenna…

Fuel Workshop :

Developed internally and fully adapted to customer requirements.

Capability Includes :

Fuel Components, APU Fuel Nozzles, Fuel Pumps, Tanks, Fuel System, Switch…

Radio and Telecom Workshop :

Our Radio Workshop has the facility to meet the needs of our customers and the flexibility to adapt our development to future requirements. Some units are supported by the OEM which allows us to provide an efficient service.

Capability Includes :

Radio Com VHF /UHF, Radio Nav – VOL ILS, ADF / Auot Pilot, Xpondeurs, Radio-altimeters, ELT Beacons,…

Electromechanics Workshop :

In cooperation with our partners, we find solutions to all technical issues. We bring to a successful technical solution and match your delivery expectations.

Capability Includes :

Drain Mast Assy, Faucet Assy, Aircraft Windows, Lights, Toilet Assy, Trash Compactors, Galley Equipement, Ovens, Coffee Makers,…

Hydraulic Workshop :

The workshop ensures a support for a wide range of components for a large variety of aircraft types. On-going development ensures capability expansion to meet our customer requirements.

Capability Includes :

Electrical and Hydraulic ActuatorsProduits : Vérins Electriques et Hydrauliques

Instruments Workshop :

Including a clean room able to test and calibrate a full range of gyroscopic and precision instruments, offering an extensive capability for all types of general cockpit instrumentation, monitoring a wide range from engine monitoring to anemo-barometry type instruments.

Capability Includes :

Flight and Voice Recorders (DFDR, CVR), Galey and Cabin Electronic Equipment, altimeters, Airspeed Indicators and Various Indicators, Clocks, Gyros and Inertial navigation systems…

Metal Working Workshop :

Repair, welding, pressure proof and leakage test on titanium, inconel, stainless steel, hastelly and aluminium ducts. Titanium, stainless steel; Kevlar heat shields repair. Riveted assemblies repair.

Capability Includes :

Ducts / Pipes for Air Conditioning and Engines, Flexibles, Brake Assy…